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Subject: Meaning and/or origin of my name
Author: Gui Santos   (guest,
Date: June 28, 2005 at 2:08:17 PM

I've been searching everywhere on the internet for the origin or meaning of my name!

I haven't found "Gui" anywhere! It's pronounced GOO-e, with the U accentuated, as if it had the two little dots on top of it!

I'm portuguese, from the Azores, specifically from the island of Faial, which was originally colonized by the dutch! The name is typical of the island and i know some 6 more people with it (just for reference there are more people with the name in the island than in the whole country).

If anyone has any pointers of where to look, or even the answer for what i'm looking for, i'd be much obliged!
Thank you in advance!


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