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Subject: Rosita, you're now wilfully abusing puctuation
Author: Miranda the PP Adoption Agent   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: June 28, 2005 at 3:37:42 PM
Reply to: Re: Melanie/Camilla-Faye by Rosita Quackenbush
The poor dears, they don't like to be together like that! They feel claustrophobic and suffocated in groups like that. :-(

Punctuation marks are one of the very basic building blocks of the English language. They make sure communication is clear and effective in writing, and they ensure emotion is properly conveyed in a non-verbal way. If they're abused, the English language itself is abused, and effective communication suffers as a consequence. In fact, I think they're so important that they're even more important than proper capitalisation. After all, in an uncapitalised sentence, punctuation makes the difference between, "i helped my uncle jack off a horse" and "i helped my uncle, jack, off a horse".

Oh, and we already dealt with Melanie and Camilla-Faye's multiple names. It's over and done with, and we've moved on.

"Come... you must eat my child." — From a badfic

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