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Subject: A whole whack of pro. questions
Author: Schezar   (guest)
Date: June 29, 2005 at 3:04:53 PM
I've been meaning to ask a bunch of pronunciation questions, so I'm just going to post them all in one go. I doubt anyone is going to know how to pronounce these ALL, so don't kill yourself trying to figure it out.

Native American names:
(g) Amadahy
(b) Anoki
(g) Chenoa (I know a little girl named Chenoa, she pronounces is sheh-noah. Just wondering if that's correct)
(g) Catori
(g) Cholena
(g) Kilenya
(g) Koleyna
(g) Miakoda
(g) Minya
(g/b) Pillan
(g) Shada
(g) Taima

African names:
(b) Bahari
(g) Chalondra
(g) Cyrah

Celtic/Gaelic names:
(g) Chaeli
(b) Cailean

Arabic names:
(g) Chaka
(g) Jihan
(g) Kahlilia
(g) Khadija

Spanish names:
(b) Chavez
(g) Madrona
(g) Zamora

Greek names:
(g) Drea
(g) Galatea
(g) Pelagia
(g) Rhea (I've always thought it was ray-ah, but someone told me ree-ah, so I'm not quite sure.)
(g/b) Solaris

Hindi names:
(g) Jyotika
(g) Kaveri
(g) Kavindra
(g) Sohalia

Egyptian names:
(g) Tahirah
(g) Chavi
(g) Nailah

Polish names:
(g) Ksena

Swahili names:
(g) Raziya

Russian names:
(g) Sezja

Not sure:

Sorry that was so long, but any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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