Subject: "Sharing"
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: May 4, 2003 at 5:51:05 AM
Reply to: Re: You are confusing the "instructions" in the Old Testament with additional dogma of other religions. And also... by Yahalome
There is nothing wrong with "sharing" one's beliefs. A lot of times we get into off-topic conversations here, and the information imparted can be both interesting and entertaining.

What is wrong is when a person with his or her own agenda chooses to seize upon every opportunity to push that agenda and "preach" to others. I'm not just talking about your denigrating non-Christian beliefs here in order to show Christianity in what you perceive to be a better light. It was neither necessary nor appropriate for you to jump in on a conversation between Phyllis and me back in December when Phyllis was playfully wishing me a "cursed" holiday season, and for you to pipe up with: "Hear the wise! The dif is blessed = kind, etc.; cursed = mean, hurting, etc. Good ppl bless, evil ppl curse. A CHRISTian."

That was childish of you, but I cut you slack back then in consideration of the fact that you're a sixteen-year-old and, basically, still a child. Although I will say that I find your apology here to be quite mature. I also otherwise enjoy your postings and find your comments on names to be interesting and intelligent.

You've mentioned a few times on this board that you find it personally embarrassing when Christians behave foolishly, idiotically, etc. In your reply to Rena on April 11th, you wrote: "I hate it when ppl like this give non-Christians a reason to laugh at us!!!!!!!"

Take care that you don't become "ppl like this".

-- Nanaea

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