Subject: Re: Hmm...
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: May 5, 2003 at 3:23:59 AM
Reply to: Hmm... by Ivayla
> how do you get in the Muslim paradise? It sounds really appealing =o)

There are three ways to get to Muslim paradise, and I list them in order of increasing attractiveness:
1. To die for Islam in a religious war. Paradise is guaranteed! Ouch, this is not my cup of tea...
2. To lead the life of a virtuous and good Muslim. Boring, but least your head remains attached to your body. Not too different a lifestyle from being a good Christian or Jew, "burka" notwithstanding.
3. Now here is my favorite catch: If as a Muslim you manage to convert at least *one* person to Islam, you are granted the bonus of having *all* your earthy sins forgiven *and* win a place in paradise to boot! In other words a life *and* an afterlife of fun and naughtiness are guaranteed! Oh yes, if I were to ever become a religious fanatic, Islam would be my first choice -- purely on the basis of option # 3 :)))

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