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Subject: Re: Hey Nan and Daividh
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: March 1, 2001 at 2:51:35 PM
Reply to: Re: Hey Nan and Daividh by Phyllis
"Ask Nanaea about the so-called "elders" I've encountered and my latest responses to them. I'm not sure if you Greek guys get what we call either "soap operas" or "daytime dramas". If not, a few of us might be willing to explain what they are."

@@@@ Oh, I don't think anyone needs to explain much about American culture to Priapos -- he's spent quite a bit of time in the U.S., and he's pretty cosmopolitan. :)

"By the way, I have a classmate in my Wicca class who's a priestess of Circe (or was it Persephone? Or was it Athena? Whatever.) Too bad my class isn't on the 'Net. You guys (Daividh, Nanaea, you, a few others) might've gotten a kick outa it."

@@@@ "We guys" might've gotten thrown outta the classroom. We be da bad kids in school. ;)

-- Nanaea

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