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Subject: Here you go...
Author: Magia   (guest)
Date: June 29, 2003 at 10:38:44 AM
Reply to: Ecuadorian and/or Quechuan names by quechua
These are some native names I found. I'm posting them to share as I found origin and meaning!!. I'm not sure how reliable this source is, but it seems really interesting!!

Just so you know, Mapuche is a native tribe that inhabits Chile, Quechua is a native tribe that inhabits Perú, The Aymara on the Bolivian and Peruvian Highlands, Tupí are a Brazilian civilization and the Guaraní are from Paraguay,(All of them South American).

I will take a shot at prn. as I don't speak any of these native languages, but I have somewhat of an idea of how to say them...

Female Names

Ailen (mapuche) "hot cole" -uh-ee-len-
Ailin (mapuche) "clear" -uh-ee-leen-
Aimé (mapuche) "the one who means something" -uh-ee-meh-
Aluminé (mapuche) "she shines" -uh-loo-mee-neh-
Amaru (quechua) "serpent" -uh-muh-roo-
Amaya (aymara) "beloved daughter" -uh-muh-yuh-
Anahi (guaraní) "ceibo" (-sort of tree-) -ana-ee-
Ayelén (mapuche) "smile, joy" -eye-eh-LEN-
Aymara (aymara) name of the civilazation. -eye-mara-
Chaska (quechua) "star" -chas-kuh-
Eluney (mapuche) "gift" -eh-loon-ay-
Huilén (mapuche) "spring" -hoo-ee-LEN-
Iara (tupí) "Lady" -ya-ruh-
Ima Sumac (quechua) "how beatiful" -ee-muh- -soo-mac-
Iracema (tupí) "from honey" -ee-ruh-seh-muh-
Itatí (guaraní) "white stone" -ee-tuh-TEE-
Ittay (guaraní) "little bell" -eet-eye-
Jacarandá (tupí) "parfume" -Huh-kuh-rand-UH
Malén (mapuche) "young lady" -muh-LEN-
Paine (mapuche) "light blue" -pie-neh-
Pilmayquén (mapuche) "swallow" (sort of bird) -peel-my-KEN
Pire (mapuche) "snow" -PEE-reh-
Piuque (mapuche) "heart" -pee-oo-keh
Quillén (mapuche) "moon" or "tear" -key-JEN-
Rayen (mapuche) "flower" -ruh-yen-
Suyay (quechua) "hope" -zoo-yuh-ee
Wuaira (quechua) "wind" -woo-uh-EE-ruh
Yara (tupí) "lady" -ee-uh-ruh-

Male Names

Amaru (quechua) "serpent" -uh-muh-roo-
Atahualpa (quechua) "the bird of good fortune" -uh-tuh-wal-puh-
Cono (mapuche) "dove" -ko-noh-
Cori (quechua) "gold" -koh-ree-
Cusi (quechua) "joy" -koo-see-
Eluney (mapuche) "gift" -eh-loo-neh-ee
Huenu (mapuche) "sky" -who-eh-noo-
Inca (quechua) "the principal" -in-kuh-
Inti (aymara) "skillful" -in-tee-
Mainque (mapuche) "condor" -mine-keh-
Nahuel (mapuche) "tiger" -nuh-woo-el-
Pehuen (mapuche) "araucaria" (monkey puzzle tree) -peh-when-
Quillen (mapuche) "beauty" -key-jen-
Tabare (tupí) "the lonely one" -tuh-buh-reh-
Traful (mapuche) "union" -truh-fool-
Tupac (quechua) "master" or "brilliant" -too-pac-

Hope this helps,
Vmp. M. Sacritus

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