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Subject: Re: pronunciation help of "Nadia"
Author: Nadia   (Authenticated as Nadiko)
Date: July 7, 2003 at 3:15:48 AM
Reply to: pronunciation help of "Nadia" by N.S.
Dear N.S.
The pronunciation of the name Nadia can vary depending on one's family ethnicity and place of origin.
My name is Nadia. I was named after my Father's Mother who was from the Republic of Georgia. My family pronounces my name na-DEE-ah (probably from arabic/muslum influence in that part of the world.) The Arabic name Nadia means "the caller" or "announcer".
Then there is the usual Slavic/Russian pronunciation NAH-dee-ah, or NAD-yah that means "hope". Still, other Europeans (like my German cousins) say NAD-jyah. Finally there are my cousins in England who as a kind of nick-name or term of endearment call me NAH-dee-er, and sometimes NAR-dee-er (my sister likewise is called Chris-ti-neer instead of Christina. I'm not sure why, just some British/English pronunciation thing.) When in doubt always ask someone how they pronounce their name. I hope this proves of some help. Good luck.
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