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Subject: Re: surname query
Author: Satu   (guest)
Date: July 22, 2003 at 11:06:12 PM
Reply to: Re: surname query by Nanaea
Hi Nanaea,

I don't know anything about this family, but it's very common to get a new surname for the family in Sweden.

The reason is that because of this surname tradition (using their father's first name with a -son or -dotter suffix as a surname) which stopped about 100 years ago, very many people have got the same surname. If you have a look at a telephone register of a small town, you'll find hundreds of Andersson and hundreds of Svensson etc.

Other names without the -son suffix are more special and much nicer in many people's point of view, so many families decide to change surnames. On the Patent- and Registrationsoffice there are long lists with vacant surnames:

Popular examples are:

Per Gessle (artist/"Roxette") - Johansson -> Gessle

Stellan Skarsgård (actor) - Nilsson -> Skarsgård

In both cases they are allready generation no. 2 with that new name (their fathers did the change). If you change to one of these new names, you can be sure, that you're family is the only one with that name.

Regards, Satu

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