Subject: awwww nan
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: August 12, 2003 at 6:07:03 PM
Reply to: Yeah, but I'll tell ya a secret... by Nanaea
awwww i think i may get all teary, lol
actually, believe it or not u got me very much interest in religions,
which is one of my major past times now
and gave me a real appreciation for very misunderstood religions

I never found the Christian religion worked for me,but i was partly brought up by the church, so i just went. I tried the whole blindly believeing, but it just didn't work for me, I didn't believe or feel the things that we were supposed to believe or feel.

In the end it's all been good seeing as I have to very pagan friends, and i understand them much more after they told me they were and told me about their faith, and I have found a faith that works for me. I can't tell my grandparents... my mom thinks im insane (ironic as she is the one off her rocker) and ... well my dad is cool with it. My grandfather is a pastor of sorts and think everything is evil -rolls eyes-. I get in trouble because I start debates with him about loop holes in the Christian religion. Mom says im stressing his bad heart.

Oh well, took some time to find my niche in here, i tend to make a scene on new sites then snuggle on in... not sure why... ah well ^_^

Oh nan, actually can u do me a favor somewhere... or someone told me there are like 9 basic principles to being a satanist... not quiet principles

one was like 'if someone strikes against u once, turn the other cheek, it they do it again, defend urself'... or depending on whose telling u 'kill them' lol in a joking non-relastic sense, no worries

u wouldnt happen to have those would ya, or know of a site
or am i dreaming?

u can email me the info or post, whichever u wanna



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