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Subject: Re: Pronunciation of Amabel
Author: Anneza   (guest)
Date: August 13, 2003 at 12:30:08 AM
Reply to: Pronunciation of Amabel by Scarfy
To my knowledge, it's not just Annabel with an M, it actually IS Annabel with an M. Back in the merry Middle Ages someone in Scotland wrote Amabel (good Latin name, meaning Lovable) and someone else misread the M as NN.

Short A in front is the pronunciation I know - like Annabel, as you said. The only other attempt I've ever encountered was a sad effort to make it sound like aMAYbel, presumably because the name Mabel is in there ...

Corollary: Annabel looks as if it means Beautiful Anne, but it originally meant Lovable. Trivia, but hey, trivia's fun!

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