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Subject: Here's my stitch...plz help out
Author: Amanda   (guest,
Date: August 19, 2003 at 4:36:16 PM
I really want to become and actor. My problem is my name...There's already an Amanda (Bynes), Amanda (Peet), Mandy (Moore), etc.

This is What I'm Like:

-My last name is Price (like Vincent Price)
-I have light brown hair with lots golden blonde highlights and currently is between chin and shoulder length
-My eyes are big and blue-ish, green-ish/ gray-ish
-I have full lips
-I have tons of freckles on my face and some on my arms and shoulders
-I am 5 feet 4.5 inches tall
-Average weighing (110lbs)
-live in Vancouver,BC
-Upper Middle Class
-Going into grade 9 (14 years old since March 2003)
-I take dance lessons, acting (duh!), league volleyball, swimming, diving (off boards), snowboarding, soccer, clothes/shopping/designing, all water sports (skiing,wakeboarding,tubing,surfing,etc.), and tons more stuff like that!

From the info you have please list some fn's, nn's, and mn's(optional) that you think would fit me well. I am going to keep my last name of 'Price'.

Thank-you so much,

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