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Subject: Jasmine and Eliot ---Ancient and Medieval ??
Author: Queen of Egypt   (guest)
Date: March 25, 2007 at 2:13:17 PM
Could you please tell me if Jasmine is a historical name. Maybe from Ancient times or so? Im not sure how long it has been used as a name and I was curious. Im very into history and wanted to know if this possibly dated back to anicent times.

Also, do you know which Ancient culture might have used the name Jasmine? Or maybe many Ancient cultures used this name?

Also, the name Eliot. It is really a medieval name. I would love it to be. I love the medieval era. But I just also wanted to know how historical this name is and if it was used in the Medieval era?

I know Eliot was a surname but I guess I was curious if it became used as a first name during Meieval times?

Any information you have on these names will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to you :)

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