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Subject: Anthony???
Author: Egyptian Princess   (Authenticated as EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs)
Date: March 26, 2007 at 4:43:56 AM
My name is Tonya. Im trying to find the correct meaning of Tonya. I know it derived from Antonia. Antonia derived from Anthony. According to the BtN database, Antony was always incorrectly mistaken for the Greek work Anthos which meant flower. So in the 17th century the H was added to Anthony to make it mean flower. Since my name is derived from Anthony. Does that mean my name means flower????

If it does not can you please tell me what it does mean??

I guess I don't see why it could not mean flower since it did derive from Anthony. It just probably only meant flower after the 17th century.

Please let me know any information you may have on my name Tonya or of Anthony.

Thank you so much for your time :)

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