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Subject: Ancient Egyptian Names Query
Author: Xmucane   (Authenticated as Xmucane)
Date: August 22, 2003 at 8:28:52 AM
I'm trying to find the meaning ot the following Ancient Egyptian names that I pulled off of an Ancient Egyptian website. I tried contacting the person who made that website, but their email address is now non-functional (and the page was last updated in 2001). I know the meanings of some, and part of the meanings of others. Some are completely mysterious. Ther are all female names.

Anhai - ?
Irikara - ?
Khamaat - ? (although I remember from my history that maat was the Egyptian name for the universal life/goodness principle or state of being)
Khenemet - "one who is joined with" (but this is apparently usually added to other syllables although not in this case - by itself what exactly does it denote?)
Kiya - Jovial Lady
Mereret - ? (although 'et' is an syllabic addition used to denote femininity)
Neferhotep - "Beautiful Peace"
Neferet - "Beautiful Woman"
Sithenen - ? (although 'sit' or 'sat' are syllabic additions used to denote "daughter of" - so this would be "daughter of henen", but what does 'henen' mean?)
Tefenet - ? (again the 'et' syllable denotes feminine)
Tiaa - ? (a very common name spelled with many variations such as 'Tiy', 'Ti', 'Tia', 'Thuya', 'Tiya', 'Tey', 'Tjia', 'Tuia' and apparently many more - still I don't know the meaning)

Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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