Subject: Middle Easterns dressed as Mexicans are coming across our borders
Author: Sandra Murphy   (guest)
Date: August 24, 2003 at 10:10:31 AM
Reply to: Anagram fun with e-mails! by Pavlos
Ranchers in Julian are saying that Middle Eastern people our coming across the border dress like Mexicans. They call the Border Patrol and they never come out. Why doesn't this country stop these people before we have another 911. This is where our country is wrong! I will not vote for anyone who will not stop illegal immigration. What are you doing to address this problem? We need help. They are coming from all countries taking our jobs, freedom and trying to kill us. The police and Border Patrol need either help or the right to stop people that they suspect to be here illegally. I will vote for the person who addresses this problem. There are no jobs for the lower income people because these people will work cheaper and they don't have to pay them overtime.
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