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Subject: Re: Albanian
Author: Rene   (Authenticated as Rene)
Date: August 5, 2005 at 6:24:39 AM
Reply to: Albanian by soma
I am not sure whether I understand your post correctly: Do you ask whether it is sensible to search the etymology of the Albanian names Preke, Preng and Gege among names of Latin origin like Fridericus, Franciscus and Gregorius?

If yes, I would say that such etymologies are unlikely because Albanians use few names of foreign origin, and do not seem to have a preference for Latinized forms like the ones you give anyway.

Here is what I found about these names:

Preke seems to be a declined form of the male name Prek. There is an Albanian word "prek" that means "touch". As there are a lot of names in Albanian that are normal, common words used as given names as well, I would suppose that the name probably simply means "touch" indeed.

I found examples for Albanians with the male name Preng, but nothing about meaning and origin of this name.

I found only very few examples of Albanians with the male name Gege; it seems to me that this name is very rare. The word gege is common as the name of one of the two principal dialects of the Albanian language, also known as Gheg. But I didn't find anything about the origin of the name of the dialect or whether given name and name of the dialect are related in any way.


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