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Subject: Re: The name Mackenzie
Author: YMPvt   (Authenticated as YMPvt)
Date: April 6, 2007 at 11:12:26 AM
Reply to: The name Mackenzie by my2cents
My guess would be that people such as I who have had names such as Mackenzie used in their family as a boys name for a long time do not want to see it go to a girls name. I have seen this happen with the name McKinley in my family and it seems like they are stealing the name from my great grandfather. Also the use of it as a boys name comes from a tradition in some areas of Scotland of using the mother's maiden name as the name of the firstborn if it was a son, that's why people didn't go bonkers when it became a boys name. As such my friend, Mabel's, parents would have named her Maclaren if she was a boy. I beleive it is family history that makes it so hard to change with the times. I have seen Ashley and Kelly be turned into girls names and now McKinley is on its way. I've learned to deal but that doesn't mean I have to like it and that I can't complain. SOmetimes tradition is worth something and I believe that names are an area in which that applies because they belong to cherished family members. Maybe people should just stop trying to be so new agey instead of expecting everyone else to put up with their drivel.

Oh and I agree this doesn't belong on the name facts board. It definitely screams opinion. Also you are very wrong about why people didn't go bonkers when Mackenzie became a boys name. I know I said that above but it makes me go insane when people don't even bother to learn about the reasons that something is the way it is. I know that makes me a hypocrite but its still bad when other people do it. plus I've at least tried to stop.

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