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Subject: Trying To Get Correct Name !!
Author: Charles Snow   (Authenticated as Amoreena)
Date: August 28, 2003 at 4:01:34 AM
Hi !!

Thanks for taking a moment to read my note. There's a wonderful woman who has moved into my building where I live, and I cannot remember her name to save my life !! She has an olive-like complexion, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair... I'm thinking her ethnicity could be South American, Cuban, Spanish, possibly even Greek or Italian... While I am leaning heavily towards "Pilar," I'm thinking this is not the name she gave me... It was a name which is "unusual" here in the U.S. I recall the name she gave me remided me of "lemur" which is an animal, and even the word "timber." I've been wracking my brain for days and cannot remember what she said. Does this ring any bells for you ? A Spanish/Greek/Italian[?] name which might sound like "lemur" or "timber" and might be "Pilar" or something very similar to that ? I was thinking something like Limur, Timur, Timal, but I just can't nail this thing down... I'm thinking someone with a very active knowledge of names would figure this out immediately... I just don't want to meet her again and admit that I have forgotten her name !! I knew I should have written it down !!

Thank you so very, very much !! If possible, please contact me directly at if you have any ideas !! Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated !!

Very Sincerely Yours,

-Charles Snow
Atlanta, GA USA


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