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Subject: Dealgnaid
Author: Domhnall   (Authenticated as Domhnall)
Date: April 26, 2007 at 1:12:43 AM
Reply to: Pronounce Dealgnaid, Please by Merneith
I gave a look in a couple of good books and I gave it good think. The mythology you cite is authentic, insofar as all Irish mythology is authentic after it's wayward path to modern understanding (especially in ties to the histories of Egypt, Israel, Greece or Spain). That said I believe the modern name Dalny is purely of Russian extraction.

From my experience, I've never come across the Gaelic name "Dealgnaid" or any similar Anglicization outside of the Parthalán/Toghdha tale. As best I can figure, the ancient name "Dealgnaid" derives from the root "dealg" meaning 'thorn' and is combined with the diminutive suffix "-naid." That once-common feminine suffix is equivalent to the masculine "-án."

All-in-all, I believe "Dealgnaid" is best pronounced 'JELL-uhg-nudge' or slightly more delicately 'DYELL-uhg-nidch.'

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