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Subject: Re: Rebecca = sacrificial animal? well-fed?
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2007 at 2:13:18 PM
Reply to: Re: Rebecca = sacrificial animal? well-fed? by Noa
Thank you, Noa, for correcting this. Being in a hurry, I wasn't looking right.

The biblical dictionary does give a hint though: The (assumed) verbal root RVQ lies behind the term marbeq = stall, and the explanation there says, that the calves were tied up there for fattening. This makes sense to me.

Our (western) beauty ideal seems to be far a way from any comparison of a beautiful woman with a fattened calf, but that may have been different in biblical times.

Thanks for setting me on the right track, Noa!

Andy ;—)

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