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Subject: Re: Lobke?
Author: Mar   (Authenticated as X-Mar)
Date: May 7, 2007 at 6:55:35 AM
Reply to: Lobke? by Nella
Lobke is Dutch, it's a feminine pet form of Lubbe, which is a short form of names containing the element Liaf "dear / beloved" (ex: Lieven) or the element Liud "people" (ex: Ludger, Ludolf).

I have an obscure family member with this name, it's her full name, in the Netherlands it's very often that chidlren are given pet / short forms as full names. So it doesn't mean that just because Lobke is a pet form, the girl has another full name.

Anyway some possibilites for a full name are: Lobrichje, Lubrichje, Lubarta, Lubina (but these are all much rarer than just "Lobke", which is already unusual in itself).

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