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Subject: Re: French speakers?
Author: Rene   (Authenticated as Rene)
Date: May 19, 2007 at 7:00:03 AM
Reply to: Re: French speakers? by Minikui
Offering some pages of BtN in French is certainly laudable, but the bulk of the information, and the really important information, is in the information about the names. And here the amount is *massive*, and translation difficult.

I tried it myself with a bilingual database German-English. It is a rather time-consuming game, for example, just to properly "translate" the names of Saints.

And let's say you have a name with a Latin word as its origin. It might be problematic to translate the English word(s) given here as the translation of the Latin word, because small ambiguities multiply themselves this way. Much better, but of course much more time-consuming, would be to independently translate the original *Latin* word into the new target language, e.g. French.

So, yes, the nonsense is there, but not only because so many people like nonsense, but also because it is so damned hard to produce quality...


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