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Subject: Lechuga surname
Author: Sheila Labbe   (Authenticated as Sheila Labbe)
Date: May 26, 2007 at 7:42:56 PM
My maiden name is Lechuga, and I know very little about my father's family history except that the Lechuga family had come from Spain, and I don't know when they came to the americas, I'm guessing my grandfather's ancestors may have been among the conquistadors, but I'm not sure.
My grandfather's name was Jesus Lechuga. I think he was born in El Paso,TX, but his family had come from Chihuahua,Mexico.
My father thinks that the Lechuga name may have had either Romanian or Roman origins. I have always wondered if we had middle eastern or even Morroccan or Egyptian ancestry. Maybe even Greek. I have read somewhere that the Italian or Latin version of Lechuga is Lattuga.
I would really appreciate some help in this search. I have searched to see if it was on this site but haven't found it. There weren't any matches for the name Lechuga.
Thanks- Sheila Labbe (Lechuga).

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