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Subject: Re: Pronounce?
Author: DavidGeorgeDeLancey   (Authenticated as DavidGeorgeDeLancey)
Date: May 29, 2007 at 8:23:42 AM
Reply to: Pronounce? by Cassandra113
Leonor Possibly can be spell't two different way's La-nor Leo-nor or with a deep ending wich will perhaps have an e at the end though in repect the name still is granted to be spell't Leonor the origins may seem of these cattergories or provences French Scandanavion Spanish welch english the L it's self can be a lasting pernouncement before the middle and durending foundations,i only got this from the pronouncing and quality of history i have researched as the dividation of letters stabalized within them-self's in different part's , as well if continued with a sentance after different part's the next wording's could possibly be a name or acctivity of a place provence or country, i hope that was'nt confusing though for leonor i guess there's an end to recall,./';+\'-'/~`11:20 A.M. Clinton Mass Library and now to Cape Cod

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