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Subject: DeLancey-Art Economics History
Author: DavidGeorgeDeLancey   (guest)
Date: May 29, 2007 at 9:09:31 AM
Hello and a good Day to You, the year of 2005 i started my research on DeLancey , knowing about DeLancey street in New York and a town in up state south of albany wich i plan to retire, for some time , as my travel's go on,iv'e allways been currious still am though for a couple of years iv'e been studying my ancestry and found it very exciting , The Name DeLancey can be very old though my conclusion's have not yet accured, the only year it is recognized from me so-far is the 1000's ad a picture of a female a painting or something and just the name DeLancey though it could be a Family Name , there is different variations of deLancey DeLacy deLacey de Lacie DeLasie de Lancy deLancey de Lancey De Lancy the seperation is of this De means Of Or And The also while in a different country the meaning's are still the same though carry a different formation of carrector such as L in Egypt it is like a snake style, so if directing a sentance a turn shows up this term turn is perhaps anc and as e and y arive they are as well departed though a Y is a Gahering of a justice or a formation of gathering i used the word justice for it has a leaning of Question, an E is an exceptance _ of this letter will come before and after a junction, for instence The Lance There 'the is De' Lance is a spearing i use ing after the spearing for it represent's In Needing Guidance if a spheer is a looked locational emotion a guidance W'ould N'eed to be In'vited as of the name DeLaney a River in irland's erea wich travel's a distance called river Slaine (Slaney) slan=Defiance dubh is of Dark or Black Dubh is with a line above the O Dubhshlaine in a language of long ago the meaning of the darkness added to the word The dubh perhaps pernounce's the word the if a smile was about the face or a smerk amongst the corner of the lips then something would then not be spoken or performed with a sound a B perhps comes from this location as where a D comes direct from the opened of lips and as The and D are prepaired a as ha or ah he back laugh or back as of Baughk or somewhat in that sounding , well i suppose that's all for now till next time 12:00.p.m. preview sorry about the last few sentance's word of thought now German 12:08p.m. e.s.t. Clinton Mass Library and on my way to Cape Cod work and sleep Good Day

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