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Subject: Re: Pronounciation
Author: David George DeLancey   (guest)
Date: May 29, 2007 at 9:51:56 AM
Reply to: Re: Pronounciation by Lauren B
12:27 p.m.e.s.t. It is so true that also the C and k represent a Gothic or should i say thentic or even a or pornounciation wich goes before gallic and for some time has an authority for the K is a boundery wich is fixed as of walking towrds a wall while saying it when just in front of it the word is finished where as C is a possiblity of a door-way and does perhaps go on further though in a place of standards both meanings are represented as the same distantfying relation though when the distance is noticed the K word is of stopping and the C word is of curving, more study continues with further agree till next time , o and let's see what we can figure of the from now start of this sentance, Time being spent thinking for instence while stareing at the wooded table top scratched i noticed maybe in a blur thow while acctually looking for was not noticed a setting design of a boyish face with a helmet a soldier type person from long ago my thought was time the person learned something and for a while while being observed was in time , this is a currious part of life and perhaps a happy one though what was carried longer the pernounciation of C or k i caught it i got it i'll get it hay come hey come on slan't can't come here Balance Blankoops Plank table cup Cut these words were most likely used way back when those last few words are very interesting way back when i could of said something else instead i prefered a unit of out comeing though of thought as in those years well another fine episode of Art Economics History David George DeLancey still trying 12:47 p.m.e.s.t.

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