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Subject: Re: Pronounciation
Author: David George DeLancey   (guest)
Date: May 29, 2007 at 10:09:15 AM
Reply to: Re: Pronounciation by Speranza
My Last post was to start with the Meaning of the two ll's in cillian there was another word though i forgot it while i was trying to aknowledge something else yep i forgot it and then thought of something else , may be some other time i shall recall my thought of the pernounciation of the word or name of cillian and it is very possible that long before the K was established a Quiet letter and not noticed wait a freeking minute that's write it never was in front and perhaps if studyed a bit more i shall oops find out why irish people are so freakin knuckle headed over stuff that exsist's thought are hard to find oop's again ya i know for sure we DeLancey's have a coat of arm's in ireland though for me spelling has it's up's and downs all ok though hanging in there follow up soon 1:07 p.m.e.s.t.

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