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Subject: Pronunciation guesses?
Author: genis   (guest)
Date: May 31, 2007 at 10:51:09 AM
Reply to: Re: Basque ? for Lumia by Lumia
What pronunciation guesses are you referring to? I haven't made any that I can recall, especially as my French skills are at best rudimentary. While I have been told by native French speakers that my accent is good, I would only offer pronunciation advice if I had heard the word spoken by a native.

Yes, I am aware that Basque is an isolated language. However, I am unaware as to its structure and provided the fluency information in case there were some very basic constructural parallels that might influence the learning curve. I was looking for the relative scale of difficulty generally applied to learning Basque. (For example, Icelandic is typically considered the most difficult language for non-natives to learn.)

Frankly, while your answers are very informative---your responses sometimes come across as bruque.

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