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Subject: What is the meaning of Exilda?
Author: Kara K   (guest)
Date: October 9, 2003 at 3:06:58 PM
My Grandmother's first name is Exilda (pronounced X-zilda)- born in New Hampshire in 1922. This was her mother's middle name, and I've used it for my daughter's middle name. We believe the name is of French or French Canadian origen. My Grandmother's full (maiden) name is Exilda Marie Carey. Her family immigrated to Quebec at an unknown time in the past. In the 1880's or so they moved to Brookline NH. If anyone knows the true origens and meanings of this name, please let me know. Whenever I've asked my Grandmother, she's said that she was named after old dead ladies- which is of no help at all.
Thank you!
Kara Keenan, Phoenix, AZ

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