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Subject: Re: What is the meaning of Exilda?
Author: Laurens   (guest)
Date: October 10, 2003 at 5:05:50 PM
Reply to: What is the meaning of Exilda? by Kara K
I always firstly get a Latin dictionary when searching for name's meanings... though Latin isn't my strongest side. Names are more often very "mutilated" forms of originally Latin (or whatever language) words. The closest ones I found weren't really suitable for making a name of, as they meant thing like "thin", "poor", "scrubby" or stuff related to banishments. There was one verb: exsilire, having several variations of "to jump" as meanings, and: "to arise", "to originate". Forms of the Latin verb that have a "D" somewhere in their endings, are the so-called gerundium and the gerundivum. The gerundium, forming the noun of a verb ("arising" in this case) cannot end with "-da" though, so only the gerundivum remains. We're talking about the form exsilienda then. As a standalone word, this can mean: "she who needs to be arisen". Well... Kinda makes sense, it's just a little long way from Exsilienda to Exilda... But you never know. Good luck :-)

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