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Subject: Re: Can someone help me find a girls name that means...
Author: Bianca   (guest)
Date: October 30, 2003 at 2:44:52 PM
Reply to: Can someone help me find a girls name that means... by Appleby
I tried to find a name with that meaning and it was really hard. Most names already encode the exact place where the person is from and don't mean simply "dweller".

The ones that I found by searching on google were not particularly pretty in my opinion:
Tanaka: dweller
(japanese name)
Aamirah: Inhabitant.
Ammarah: An inhabitant.
(islamic names)

I also found Leslie, which according to a website means a dweller in the grey castle (not exactly what you wanted), and the behindthename website gives a different meaning.
Leslie - dweller in the gray castle; small meadow

Another option that is not exactly what you want is Vivian, which means living, alive.

Yet another option is Mora, which in Portuguese and Spanish means "dwells" or "inhabits" (third - person of the verb "morar", see

Hope this helps. Please post a message if you use any of these names or find others with this meaning. My last name means in polish "beyond the path" and it would be interesting to find a name meaning "inhabits" to go with this last name. Although "seeker" would also be a possibility.


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