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Subject: Re: Does anyone know the meaning?
Author: Tajah Mason   (guest)
Date: November 4, 2003 at 7:50:18 PM
Reply to: Does anyone know the meaning? by Brandie
Yes. My name is Tajah. It is a name that belonged to an arabian wealthy woman about 4000 years ago around the time that Joseph had power in Egypt. She wrote an inscription on her tomb explaining who she was and her attempt to contact Joseph. Through the centuries the name has evolvd into different meanings. First in the muslim religion meaning clever, then making its way to india when at the time the muslim religion was most practiced. Used by the king, (I forget his name) to name the tomb built for his wife, the "Taj Mahal" which describes something beautiful, "beautiful jewel", then becoming a symbol of royalty, meaning "evergreen crown" which was worn in those days. So to sum it up, its meaning can be summarized as something full of beautiful, royal, and wealthy. This name has a long and important history. I hope I helped!

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