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Subject: Re: Can someone help me find a girls name that means...
Author: Carlie   (guest,
Date: November 6, 2003 at 11:16:02 AM
Reply to: Re: Can someone help me find a girls name that means... by Bianca
Okay....I did a LOT of digging and this is what I came up with. Hopefully at the very least it will be interesting to you. While I was working on this I had a hard time coming up with female names. But, I was thinking why not take some of these and "convert" them to a female form, so I have done that. The first list contains the female names I found, the second list is my version of some female adaptations of male names and last you will find some of my own ideas which have little or nothing to do with what you asked for. Good luck!

Quirita: citizen (Latin)
Urbana: townswoman, from the city (Latin)
Viveka: little woman of the strong fortress
Dor: dwells (Hebrew)
Zibiah: the Lord dwells (Hebrew) [actually male but it could work]
Kuni: resident of (Japanese)
Viva: she lives (Spanish)
Habita: she inhabits (Spanish [prn AH-beeta]

Female Version Original Name
Burgessa Burgess: town citizen (German)
Pagana Paganus: villager (Latin)
Shahriza Shahrizad: city dweller (Arabic)
Winstona nn Winnie Winston: victory town (Old English)

And then there were some that just wouldn't "get feminine:"
Denizen: citizen
Denman: denizen (Welsh)
Clayton: town dweller
Citizen: resident of
Bonde: villager (Danish)

And a couple more that I thought might fit in somehow:
Brina: protector(Celtic)
Zenas: living (Hebrew)

Now, the reason why I included the "male" names that fit the meaning you are looking for is because I was thinking a little bit. I like this idea of working your last name's meaning into the rest of the child's name. But, why not the middle name as well???? What if you chose a first name that was more adjective based and coupled it with a middle name such as what we have here. Let me demonstrate:

Nadia Denman
hopeful, citizen

Calista Bonde
beautiful, villager

Marcia Shariza
brave, city dweller

Lynnea Bonde
pretty, villager

Jolie Denizen
pretty, citizen

Breanna Citizen
strong, virtuous, honorable resident

Naomi Burgess
delightful , town citizen

Just an idea....anyhow. Good luck! It was a fun puzzle. Thanks for asking for help! ;o)

Hey Bianca:
Here are some names that mean "seeker"
Questa: searcher (Latin)
Haimi: the seeker (Hawaiian)
Zita: the seeker (Hebrew)
Talib: seeker (African)
Questin: seeker (Latin)
Questly: seeker (Latin)
Ita: seeker
Baasha: he that seeks (Hebrew)
Caiphas: he that seeks with diligence (Latin)
Talibah: seeks knowledge (Egyptian)

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