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Subject: Re: aja
Author: Aja   (Authenticated as smitty)
Date: November 8, 2003 at 2:58:15 PM
Reply to: aja by Mara
well, my name is aja . . . and no, it isn't pronounced aya, lol. it's actually pronounced like 'Asia' because the 'j' is supposed to have an accent. It's not exactly an American name, since it's translated differently in almost every language. but what i do know is that a music group that was around a long time ago called Steely Dan made an album called 'Aja' and my parents had it. that's where i got my name from. actually, all of the people that i've met with the same name and spelling as me (which have been very few) got it from that album.

anyways, glad to answer your question...

Sincerely, Aja

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