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Subject: Pronunciation of -iva (derived from Old English gifu) names
Author: Camilla   (Authenticated as Camilla)
Date: October 25, 2007 at 4:56:36 AM
Is there any sort of consensus on how these names are appropriately pronounced? Does it vary by language, and if so, which pronunciation would one use in English-speaking countries for these names?

Sunniva - I thought there was a consensus that this one was SOO-nee-va. However, babynamesworld is showing it as soo-NEE-va. The possibility of soo-NYE-va might exist too, I suppose, given the accepted pronunciation of the next one...

Godiva - Only ever heard go-DYE-va for this one, as in the chocolatier. I assume that's correct? And since it has the same origins as the others, should they end in EYE-va too?

Linniva - Which pattern above this this one follow - LINN-ee-va? lin-EYE-va? Something else?

Thanks for your insights!

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