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Subject: Re: My Name
Author: Alicia   (guest)
Date: November 12, 2003 at 3:20:54 PM
Reply to: My Name by Val-Jean Duchene
Nice try Stef. But this one can only be answered by family.

Your name came from the four of us born before you picking names for a boy and a girl. We picked "Valerie" if you were a girl and "Eugene" if you were a boy. Mom (Dorothy) got creative and took a piece from both making it sound french.

You are not just french and german, you are Jewish from Grandma Apolonia Zamorski, dad's mom. Look at your nose, boy. Her family was Jewish and fled Poland when Lenin was killing millions of Jewish in Russia and Poland and other countries. They fled and came to America, New York more specifically, and hid behind Catholicism. That's how we grew up Catholic.

Hermann John Duchene, dad's dad, I believe was also Jewish. I can't find any info on him or his mom and dad before they landed in New York. I believe they changed their name and religion to protect their real identity. None of dad's sisters have any info prior to landing in New York.

It's time you started looking for answers. If you stuck with church like mom wanted you to before she died, you would know the prophecies and see we are living in the "end times". Mom knew it.

We are in the sixth trumpet of Revelation where world war three is just around the corner...2006 I believe. You don't have much time to get your heart right. You know how to reach me. Darlene has my number. It's never changed.

- The sister that you haven't spoken to in ten years.

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