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Subject: Re: Sibeal
Author: sebeail   (guest)
Date: November 27, 2003 at 5:10:59 PM
Reply to: Sibeal by Rosemary
the name is v.unusual I have been 38 years a sebeail without meeting or hearing of another the spelling varies as it is an old gealic(irish rather than scottish) and the language was oral rather than written for many centuries.I have always been told that it is a derivation of Elizabeth /isabelle/ishbel.Anyway it is alo Sybil as Ceann Sibeal/Sybil's Head is the western most tip of Dingle County

Pronunciation is sh bale the gaelic s is pronouced as sh when followed by e as in sean.

hope this helps

if you are thinking of using an unusual name for a child it can be character building but can also make then perform up to thier uniqueness!

Regards Sebeail

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