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Subject: Re: Meaning/origin of Nessime
Author: Agata   (Authenticated as ADT)
Date: December 26, 2007 at 12:22:30 AM
Reply to: Meaning/origin of Nessime by nessime
Sorry, no answer, a google search only led me to this.
Good luck!

JULIA (f.) - feminine form of JULIAN (q.v.), thus Yulien; or Nessime (see JULIAN)

JULIAN (m.) - Yulion, see NWHAGEN; I was suggested that it may also come from Latin 'youthful', if so, than Nessimon (nessima "youthful")

So I guess Julie = Yulie (boring) or Nessime (sounds negative).

JULIAN: One of several variants of the Latin name Julius. According to one book at least, it means "descendant of Julus" (a king). Knowing that in Latin j corresponds to y in Tolkien's transliterations, this name can be Quenyarized as Yul (dropping the Latin nominative ending). To this name we add -ion "-son" (YÔ). Yulion sounds almost like Julian, doesn't it?

Actually, most books I've read say "Julius" means "downy-haired" - I suppose that could be taken to mean "youthful. I've never heard the "descendant of Julus" version.

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