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Subject: Re: Pronunciations. Where in America? v. English
Author: poppylena   (guest)
Date: December 16, 2003 at 11:46:06 AM
Reply to: Re: Pronunciations. Where in America? v. English by Yahalome
How do you say on, if it's AWN, we're in the same position, if not Jon is just on with a j sound.

This is a good example of Yorkshire palance:

Although it is correct in saying that it is the older generation who have the most pronounced dialect although I do say nowt, owt, mek, frozzen plus others that aren't on there. It also doesn't mention the dropping of the letter 'h', eg hat becomes 'at, Henry becomes 'enry and it's sometimes done in the middle of words. also not mentioned is running word together, eg 'what a' becomes 'worra', 'ought to' becomes 'oughta' and so one.

And here ends the lecture! :D.

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