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Subject: I think the link is going to slowly change, though
Author: Siri   (Authenticated as eliorafalk)
Date: March 4, 2008 at 1:24:30 PM
Reply to: Re: Muriel / Mariel and English dialects by Cleveland Kent Evans
I've noticed that my accent has been incredibly affected by the Spanish language. While part of this is due to being an ESL teacher and working closely with Spanish speaking women, my nieces and nephews are having the same effect happen to them. Currently they're both in "bilingual" programs, but even if they weren't they would be affected.

Have you noticed any changes such as this? It hasn't happened in the midwest at all - I'm often looked at weirdly because of the way I pronounce things. Especially with names - Katarina, Marisol, Alexander - I say them quickly, almost with a staccato, whereas they're drawn-out here.

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