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Subject: Sorry. This was meant to be a response to the original question.
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: March 24, 2008 at 1:48:12 PM
Reply to: Re: Molly and Mary?? by Ivayla
In medieval times there wern't that many first names and few if any surnames. A village could have dozens of Marys, Margarets, Johns, and Roberts. Nns became the only way to tell people apart so they got pretty loose with the derivations.

Robert --> Rob --> Hob --> Dob

Margaret --> Meg --> Peg --> Peggy

Mary --> Molly --> Polly

Edward --> Ed --> Ted --> Ned

John --> Jack or Jenkin ("-kin" means little)

Walter --> Wat

Anne --> Nan --> Nancy

This doesn't explain exactly how Mary turns into Molly. Just put it down to creativity and illiteracy. :-)

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