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Subject: Re: Book...
Author: Roxane   (Authenticated as Roxane)
Date: December 28, 2003 at 6:02:02 PM
Reply to: Re: Vanecia by Domhnall
...I find this book very useful and seems to give a clearer
meaning than someone telling everyone that a name is either
a female or male form or that it comes from a city to me this
is an easy way out of not researching something and the meanings
of names I am sure that the author has researched.

Yes, granted the name of the book is a bit lame but the author is
an expert in her field and was at the time of the publishing of this
book the Australian representative of the worldwide Names Society.

I think that I would trust her interpretation more than yours
knowing a language doesn't automatically make you an expert.

Also, the name is "Vanecia" not Venetia as you and others keep
trying to say that it is, as per my first message, after doing a search I found that this name has been used in America
for at least 90 years. So I thought there maybe someone out there
who knew an origin other than passing it off as from Venice and
the true meaning, not speculate because it sounds like Venice.

Because I know for a fact that my Grandmother wasn't thinking of
Venice when my Mother was born.


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