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Subject: Pronunciation of Nike in English
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: March 31, 2008 at 8:44:52 AM
According to Wikipedia, the mythological name Nike is pronounced ['najki] (NIE-kee) and that is the pronunciation that I heard in commercials for the brand of trainers Nike.

In Spain, the brand is pronounced ['najk] and I found the same pronunciation in Italian forums about this matter, so I thought that that was a matter of non-native speakers applying analogy with other English names and words with the segment ike: Mike, Ike, like, bike...

But, in these thread some English native speakers from Britain and Canada comment that some years ago they pronounced Nike as in Spain:

Was ['najki] the American pronunciation of the name Nike and ['najk] the British and Canadian one and the commercials and success of the brand have extended ['najki] to all the English dialects?

Or even was the pronunciation ['najki] generated in the company and extended, first to American dialect and later to the rest of the dialects?

As usual, any contribution would be very helpful.

Thank you very much


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