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Subject: Re: What's the meanning of Savya?
Author: Raphael R. Barbosa   (guest,
Date: December 30, 2003 at 11:04:35 AM
Reply to: What's the meanning of Savya? by Raphael R. Barbosa
When I wrote Sanscrit, I meant "Sanskrit".

Meanings I found:
savya a. m. n. [f. savy¨¡] gauche; ¨¤ gauche; opp. dakṣiṇa | oppos¨¦, contraire ¡ª m. main gauche, bras gauche.
(translating: left, in opposition, teft-handed)

this meaning can be seen in the page:

Savya: Heer Vishnu

Savya: Lord Vishnu
(Vishnu is a hindu god. Can anybody help me to say more about it?)

There's also an astrological meaning about constellations and charts. See in the pages:

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