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Subject: Ferid
Author: Arwen Troi   (Authenticated as arwentroi)
Date: April 15, 2008 at 7:44:16 AM
Is Ferid a legit name? A character in Suikoden V has this name. Someone on the Suikosource forums (see link below) had posted that the character's name comes from Feridun (a Persian mythological figure). Is Feridun an alternate spelling of Faridoon, and/or Ferid a form of Farid?
I ask if Ferid is an actual name because upon Googling it, it seems that several real people have the name. In Suikoden V it's pronounced FER-id. I'm assuming if it's derived from Farid it would be pronounced fer-EED, right?
Any information would be appreciated!

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