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Subject: Re: Information about Annemund?
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest)
Date: April 28, 2008 at 12:43:25 PM
Reply to: Information about Annemund? by Andrew
I can't find the name in any of my books. The second part seems clear: Germanic, e.g. Old High German (OHG) "munt" = protection.

For the first part AN I found several possibilities:
- OHG "ahn," ancestor (originally a babble word, "Lallwort")
- Germanic "an", to grant
- OHG "arn", eagle, simplified to "an"

This is taken from: Henning Kaufmann, Ergänzungsband zu Ernst Förstemann, Altdeutsche Personennamen, München 1968, p. 33

Unfortunately I have no idea whether this has to do with the name you mention. Sorry.

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