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Subject: Re: does anyone know the meaning of TOWANA?
Author: Towana   (guest)
Date: January 7, 2004 at 3:00:47 PM
Reply to: Re: does anyone know the meaning of TOWANA? by Melisa
summary of your name: Towana

Your name of Towana has given you the desire for the best that money can buy: good clothes and refined surroundings, all the finer things of life, although you might be inclined to get things through the influence of others rather than through hard work. You always strive to create a good impression. You are pleasant and diplomatic, and seem to sense how others feel. You could do well in public relations work. You have a good business sense, but tend to procrastinate and get involved with people who could interfere with your carrying your endeavours to a proper close. Although you have many good plans, can visualize their workings, and have the best of intentions, planning is often as far as you get.

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