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Subject: Re: Machla, Ochla, Achsa
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest)
Date: June 4, 2008 at 7:26:37 AM
Reply to: Machla, Ochla, Achsa by Mrs Claire
The meaning of the name is not clear. Machala means “sickness, weakness” (from chalah I, chet-lamed-heh, to be weak, sick). Machlon, which si similar (but masculine) obviously does mean “sickness”, as most names in the book of Ruth are shaped to characterize their bearers (KILYON, consumption; RUTH, refreshment). But this doesn’t have to apply to MACHLA.
There is a second verbal root chet-lamed-heh, which is not directly found in the Hebrew Bible, but rather in similar Semitic languages. It means “sweet, pleasant” – definitely a sufficient name giving motive. Machola is the Hebrew word for “round dance,” so this could be another possible explanation.
In the Bible, there are two Machlas: daughter of Zelofhad (Num 26:33), and daugter (or son) of Molechet (1. Chr 7:18).

I can’t find this name, it’s not in the Bible. There is OHOLA, from ohel, tent (she who has her own tent), but I don’t know, whether the two are related.

Achsah or Acsah in English, Achsah (ayin-chet-samech-heh) in Hebrew. From eches, foot bracelet.

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