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Subject: Desdemona: Of the devil or ill-fated?
Author: Siri   (guest)
Date: October 1, 2005 at 11:33:25 PM
According to someone on Namenerds, it could mean of the devil. Her reasoning:
As far as the etymology goes... dysdaimon, the Greek word that it comes from, contains two elements - dys and daimon. Daimon is also the word that "demon" was derived from. In Greek, though, and someone can correct me if I have this wrong, daimon was used for all theistic beings that weren't gods (ie spirits). Dys simply meant bad, so a literal translation then might have been "bad spirit" - so "of the devil" might not be far off.

On this board, it doesn't.

I'm curious... can it?

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